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Republican News and Voter Information

New Jersey

Republican News and Voter Information

For Mercer County, New Jersey

Along with Economic, Local, State & National GOP and other Political News











(unofficial 11-13-14)


Mercer County Color Logo


(unofficial 11-13-14)



We need new, tough leadership to get America moving forward again.

And I need your vote tomorrow to do it.

Please remember to cast your vote, and remind your friends, colleagues, family, and neighbors to do the same.

After the polls have closed, join us for our victory party at 8:00pm at the CrownePlazaEdison, 2055 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ08817.

On to victory!

Your friend,

Dr. Alieta Eck



Jones for Sheriff on CBS News tonight!


Tune in tonight! CBS PHILADELPHIA news will be running a segment with David C. Jones, canidate for Mercer County Sheriff at 11 PM.

Follow David on Facebook & Twitter.

I-Team Investigation: Sheriffs Double-Dip Into Millions Of Tax Dollars - CBS Philly

October 30, 201411:15 PM


Dear Friend,

I want to share with you a column that appears in the New York Post this morning written by Seth Lipsky. If you're going to read one thing about me and this New JerseyU.S. Senate race, read this.

As ever,

Jeff Bell

Leonia, NJ



Trentonian to host Ewing mayoral debate tonight

October 29, 2014


Subject:Press Conference refuting the "Republican War on Women"

Dear Prominent Republican Woman,

As you know, I am running to replace Rep. Rush Holt for US Congress in NJ CD12. My opponent is Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson-Colman.

Bonnie is running attack ads against me claiming that I and all Republicans are against "women's health care." This is especially ironic, since I have operated the Zarephath Health Center, a non-government free clinic caring for poor and uninsured women for the past 11 years. I obviously care deeply that women have access to medical care.

Several women have already agreed to join me at a press conference to be held at 12 noon on the steps of the State House on Wednesday, October 29th. I am hoping that many of you can join me. Our message will be clear. It is the Democrats who have been making life more difficult for women by:

  1. Creating an environment where women cannot find well paying jobs.
  2. Creating policies that have caused New Jerseyans to have the highest cost of living, the highest property taxes, the highest foreclosure rate and the highest per-capita debt.
  3. Passing the Affordable Care Act which will limit access to health care for all men and women, causing their premiums and deductibles to rise, limiting their choices of services medications, procedures and physicians.
  4. Causing the hours of many to move from 37 to 29 1/2 hours/week, making it harder for them to feed their families.
  5. Mishandling the Ebola crisis by allowing commercial flights to come from West African nations where the epidemic is raging. Governor Christie has taken steps to protect the people of New Jersey overriding the federal rulings. He is correct in doing this.

It is clear that there is much more to "women's health care" than free contraception and unfettered access to abortions. Rather than have taxpayers foot the bill for personal choices via exhorbitant health care insurance premiums, why not empower women to take care of themselves by allowing them to keep more of their own paychecks?

Please join the prominent women of New Jersey and me as we let all the citizens of New Jersey know that it is the Republicans that have their backs-- that big government programs are often counter-productive, costing taxpayers far too much and delivering far too little.

Let me know if you can spend a few minutes with me on Wednesday at noon. Thanks for stepping up as a voice for Republicans in NJ, I have sent a similar invitation to all the women legislators in NJ. Let me know if there are any other women Republican municipal chairs or activists that we should include, as I am sure I missed many.

Alieta Eck, MD


Dear Friend,

I'm sick of turning on the TV and seeing President Obama and his surrogates defend their casual approach to Ebola. As more cases of Ebola have turned up in America, the administration refuses to budge from its policy of continuing to let travelers come here from the West African countries affected by the virus. Australia just announced a visa ban and mandatory quarantine. We should do the same thing. Gov. Chris Christie was right to impose mandatory quarantine in New Jersey - I'm glad our governor isn't buying into the wrongheaded federal policy peddled by so-called "experts."

The same can't be said of my opponent Cory Booker, who supports the Obama/CDC stance on Ebola. In our U.S. Senate debate, Sen. Booker said "I will make sure I hold everyone accountable for keeping us safe." Is that after more Americans get Ebola? We need a Senator who will be proactive in heading off a danger like Ebola, not one who gives meaningless platitudes.

I want to leave you with an excerpt from a recent column by Marc Thiessen that highlights how badly our government has failed us:

Many Americans were shocked to learn that when Ebola-infected doctor Craig Spencer returned to New York City from Guinea, took a three-mile run, visited a coffee stand, ate at a meatball restaurant, traveled on three New York subway lines, met friends at a Brooklyn bowling alley and used an Uber sedan to return home, he was not violating the U.S. government’s Ebola protocols.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention instructs health workers returning from West Africa to monitor their health for 21 days and that “during the time that you are monitoring your health, you can continue your normal activities.” Only after a health worker’s temperature reaches 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit does the CDC advise that he or she go to a doctor, “limit your contact with other people” and “avoid public transportation.”

Continue your normal activities? It is simply unbelievable that this remains the official federal guidance for people who were exposed to the Ebola virus — especially after the CDC just came under fire for telling Dallas nurse Amber Vinson (who had been exposed to Ebola and had a 99.5-degree fever) that she was safe to fly on a plane with 134 passengers aboard because her temperature had not yet reached 100.4 degrees.

Thank you for your continued support,

Jeff Bell

Leonia, NJ

Paid for by Bell for Senate

PO Box 31

Palisades Park, NJ 07650


Morris County Republican Chairman John Sette

Senator Tony Bucco

Senator Steven Oroho

Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll

Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose

Assemblyman Parker Space

Mt. Olive Township Mayor Robert Greenbaum

The Mount Olive Republican Club

The Mount Olive Republican Committee

Invite you to a Campaign Rally in support of

Congressman Leonard Lance

Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 2pm

At the Flanders Crossing Clubhouse

13 Watson Way

Flanders, NJ07836

There is no cost to attend.

To RSVP or for any questions:

Gary La Spisa

[email protected]


RSVP via Facebook




" honorable, hard-working Congressman in the best tradition of public service."

Lance is "...the embodiment of the fiscal conservative."


October 23, 2014

FLEMINGTON, NJ -- Several prominent weekly newspapers throughout the 7th Congressional District have endorsed Leonard Lance's reelection to Congress.

The Bernardsville News, the Warren Echoes-Sentinel, the Hunterdon Review, the Mt. Olive Chronicle, the Roxbury Register and the Observer-Tribune all this week threw their support behind Leonard Lance for Congress.

The Warren Echoes-Sentinel said, "In an era of vitriolic partisanship and lock-step party-line voting, Lance stands out for his willingness to take principled stands..."

The Bernardsville News praised Lance's fiscal record, "...particularly on tax-and-spending issues where he is the embodiment of the fiscal conservative."

The Hunterdon Review opines, Lance is, " honorable, hard-working Congressman in the best tradition of public service."

The Mt. Olive Chronicle lauded his bipartisan efforts to protect New Jersey taxpayers against over-borrowing. "...[Leonard Lance] opposed a 1997 pension refinancing plan by Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman that he regarded as fiscally irresponsible. He later sued Democratic Gov. Jim McGreevey, charging that the state was violating the New Jersey Constitution by borrowing billions of dollars without voter approval."

The Observer-Tribune added, "In 2007, voters approved the 'Lance amendment' to the state Constitution barring future borrowing without a public referendum."

The Roxbury Register concluded Leonard Lance the best choice on Nov. 4, "We heartily endorse his reelection for a fourth term representing the 7th District in the U.S. House of Representatives."  

The Express-Times, a newspaper covering Hunterdon and Warren counties endorsed Leonard Lance for re-election earlier in the week, saying, “Lance has a record of getting things done.....jousting with deficit-builders, promoting government reform, restricting government regulation while keeping an eye on environmental needs, and helping small business.”


Please join Dr. Alieta Eck and Bonnie Watson Coleman (12th district race) tonight at 7:30pm in the Mayo Concert Hall in the Music Building at The College of New Jersey as they debate one final time.

Where: Mayo Concert Hall, Music Building, The College of New Jersey: 2000 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ

When: Wednesday, October 22, at 7:30pm


Come To The 7th District Debate This Friday and

Show Your Support For Leonard Lance

Join Leonard Leonard this Friday beginning at 8 a.m. in Clark and show your support as he debates his Democratic opponent.

WHAT: 7th District Congressional Debate hosted by the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce.

WHEN: This Friday, Oct. 24. Breakfast and Registration: 8:00 a.m.; Debate: 8:30 a.m.

WHERE: Holiday Inn, 36 Valley Road, Clark 07066.

Space is limited so if you would like to attend this Friday's debate or have any questions about the event please contact Kevin Leary at (908) 913-0252 or [email protected].

We hope to see you this Friday, October 24 in support of Leonard Lance for Congress.




"Lance Has A Record Of Getting Things Done"

"In New Jersey's 7th Congressional District, Lance has earned a fourth term"


October 20, 2014

FLEMINGTON, NJ -- The Express-Times newspaper has endorsed Leonard Lance for Congress.

"Lance has a record of getting things done...," the newspaper's editorial board wrote. "His willingness to break with party leadership is evident, and he hasn't betrayed the core issues that define his record -- jousting with deficit-builders, promoting government reform, restricting government regulation while keeping an eye on environmental needs, and helping small business."

The newspaper also compared the candidates on key issues:

WOMEN'S ISSUES: "They disagree on many women's issues, yet Lance departed with most of the GOP in supporting the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act."

OBAMACARE:"Lance wants to 'repeal and replace' the Affordable Care Act with health saving accounts, loosening the rule to allow interstate marketing of policies, and allowing businesses to pool for insurance purchases. [Democrat] Kovach says the act needs modifications, not abandonment..."

IMMIGRATION:"Lance wants to secure the border first; he opposes citizenship for those who entered the country illegally. [Democrat] Kovach supports a path to citizenship, would vote for the DREAM Act and expresses sympathy for central American children coming through the southern U.S. border."

"[Lance] has authored legislation pushing the National Institutes of Health to focus on pancreatic cancer, free up funding for mental health clinics, and outlaw the telephone fraud known as 'spoofing.' Based on that record, Lance makes a solid case for a fourth term, and we endorse his candidacy," the newspaper concluded.


Jeff Bell for Senator Commercial 


EDITORIAL: MacArthur's focus on jobs what we need


VIDEOS: Aimee Belgard and Tom MacArthur on the issues




 For West Windsor Retirees Group and Village Grande Civic Association candidate forum at 10AM in the West Windsor Council Chamber on October 20th at 10:00AM.


Christine Bator

Republican State Committeewoman 


Jones for Mercer Sheriff on air!

See Chasing NJ airing 10 pm tonight 9-23-14, featuring Mercer County Sheriff Candidate David Jones ". On Fox affiliate WWOR

Mercer County Sheriff Race Heating Up



Dr. Eck’s Undervalued Alternative to Obamacare



Campaign capsules: Alieta Eck seeks debate with Bonnie Watson Coleman in 12th district race