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Republican News and Voter Information

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Republican News and Voter Information

For Mercer County, New Jersey

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Dear Supporter:

Ann and I cannot thank you enough for supporting and believing in our cause.

This was more than just a campaign -- this was a national movement.

Thank you for the work that you did -- going across neighborhoods to knock on doors and put up yard signs. Thanks for making phone calls, coming to rallies, donating funds, and convincing friends and family to join our team.

What's really inspiring is that you came together because you care about America.

We still believe that better days are ahead. It's up to us to rally together to renew America's promise and restore American greatness.

From the bottom of our hearts, Ann and I thank you for your support, prayers, efforts, and vote. We are forever grateful to each and every one of you.

Today's a new day. Keep believing in America.

Thank you and God bless America,

Mitt and Ann Romney

Nov 04, 2012 Victory Event with Mitt & the GOP Yardley Team

Morrisville PA -- FREE Ticket Required -- Event Begins 5:30PM EST 

Shady Brook Farm

931 Stony Hill Rd

Morrisville, PA 19067

Event Details

You’re Invited to a Victory Event with Mitt Romney& the Republican Team! Sunday, November 4th, 2012 Doors Open 2:30 PM | Event Begins 5:30 PM Shady Brook Farm 931 Stony Hill Road in Morrisville, PA 19067 All attendees will go through airport-like security and should bring as few personal items as possible. No bags, sharp objects, umbrellas, liquids, or signs will be allowed in the venue. Cameras are permitted. For questions, contact us at:

[email protected] | (717) 746-8098 For Important Campaign Updates: Text (PA) to GOMITT (466488) PAID FOR BY ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT, INC. WWW.MITTROMNEY.COM Link for a FREE Ticket Info:

Enjoy!Your West Windsor Republican Leadership Team

Presidential Debate 2012:

Obama, Romney Have Final Showdown In Boca Raton

October 22, 2012 9:00 PM

Video Replay Final Presidential Debate from Boca Raton

Replay of Romney, Obama Second Presidential Debate From

Hofstra University

October 16, 1012 9:00 PM

Paul Ryan, Joe Biden debate Replay

October 11, 2012 9:00 PM


First Presidential Debate 2012: Full Replay (VIDEO)

It's highly offensive that the Obama campaign thinks women either haven't noticed -- or just don't care -- how devastating this administration's failed economic policies have been for us.

Did they ask the hundreds of thousands of women who've lost their jobs since President Obama came to Washington? Or the 5.5 million women who are unemployed? I guess not.

Thanks to President Obama's imaginary recovery, the median earnings for women declined by nearly $1,000. And the poverty rate among women is 16.3% -- the highest rate in 17 years.

And as CNN Money stated, "The 'mancession' has morphed into the 'hecovery,' leaving women workers largely in the dust."

Make no mistake about it -- women are worried.

And they're not just worried about themselves -- they're worried about their children's future. They don't want them to be saddled with debt from our generation, which has surpassed a record-high $16 trillion.

This isn't the recovery we deserve -- and it's a not a real recovery if it means that women have to take on two or three jobs just to afford to put gas in their cars and food on the table.

Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney gets it: women drive the economy. His pro-growth, pro-woman plan for a stronger middle class means more jobs, more take-home pay, and better opportunities.

The first presidential debate is tonight, and we'll be here online for you the entire time.

While you watch the debate on TV, visit on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to be a part of the action. Our Rapid Response team will be busy fact-checking the Obama campaign and backing Mitt's arguments throughout the debate.

Please follow @RomneyResponse on Twitter to receive live updates and the information you'll need to fight Barack Obama's distortions.

We'll also be linking to with in-depth responses beyond Twitter's 140-character limit.

There is a clear choice between Mitt's proven leadership and President Obama's failed record, and we need your help to spread the message. Please visit our page tonight during the debate and retweet our posts to your followers.

We cannot afford another four years like the last four.

See you online,

Zac Moffatt

Digital Director

Romney for President, Inc.

P.S. - Donate today.

If you live in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and are looking to volunteer for the Romney-Ryan campaign you can go to the following headquarters.

Philadelphia Victory Office

529 S. 4th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Springfield Victory Office

1001 Baltimore Pike

Springfield, PA 19604


Boston, MA - Mitt Romney today released his weekly podcast on President Obama's failed economic record and broken promises. The podcast is available each week on

To Listen To Mitt Romney's Weekly Podcast, Click Here:

Hello, this is Mitt Romney.

And this week, Democrats met in Charlotte to re-nominate Barack Obama for President. They tried to recapture the spirit of 2008, when then-candidate Obama stood in front of Greek columns and made a lot of promises about how he'd make life better for Americans.

He was elected, but things did not get better. Under President Obama, we've endured the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

This week, after another Democrat convention filled with nice words and a lot of promises, Friday's jobs report once again brought this administration back down to earth. The unemployment rate has now been above 8 percent for 43 straight months.

Nearly 47 million Americans are on food stamps - an all-time record high, and 15 million more Americans than when President Obama took office.

Nearly 60 percent of the jobs that have been created after the recession was officially over are low-wage jobs, and they pay less than $14 an hour.

And our national debt recently reached a staggering $16 trillion, an increase of almost $6 trillion under President Obama.

Americans are hurting, they're paying a heavy toll for these years of drift and disappointment, trying hard to hang on for a brighter day. But when we looked to Charlotte this week for signs of hope from the party in power, what did we see?

We saw a party completely out of ideas. We didn't hear one new idea for throwing a lifeline to the struggling middle class. Instead, we heard a stubborn defense of policies that haven't worked.

We saw a president who once promised to unite us, double-down on the politics of fear and division. Four years ago, he said, "If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from." That was Candidate Obama describing the strategy that is now at the heart of President Obama's campaign.

A couple days ago, the President was asked to grade his economic performance.

Words like "disappointing" and "dismal" come to mind. But instead, he chose "incomplete" - because that's the best he can do as he asks the American people for a second term.

President Obama is hoping you'll let him advance with an "incomplete." But on November 6th, Americans should hold him accountable. I'm asking you to vote for the ticket that's offering real solutions for the middle class, with a plan to create 12 million jobs over the next four years.

A weak economy and unprecedented debt may be the best President Obama can do - but it is not the best America can do. I commit to you that I will be the president this moment demands. Join our cause, and help us deliver a better future for all Americans this November.

I'm Mitt Romney, and thanks for listening.

Romney and Ryan americans comeback team


Middle-class Americans are struggling in the Obama economy. On Friday, the Labor Department reported that the unemployment rate increased to 8.3 percent. The unemployment rate has been above 8 percent for 42 months in a row, and 23 million Americans are still struggling for work.

President Obama says the private sector is "doing fine," and insists his policies have "worked." But President Obama's policies haven't "worked" - his policies have left middle-class families struggling with lower wages and incomes. The economy continues to suffer and millions of Americans remain out of work because of the Obama Administration's failed policies.

Middle-class Americans deserve better. Governor Romney has a plan to create 12 million new jobs by the end of his first term.

If you have been a victim of the Obama economy,share your story here.


Joshua Baca

National Coalitions Director

Fear Friend,

It was a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, last week.

You can't get much closer to the ideals and convictions of the United States than you do in Israel. We're part of the great fellowship of democracies. We speak the same language of freedom and justice and believe in the right of every person to live in peace.

The story of how America -- a nation still so new to the world by the standards of this ancient region -- rose up to become the dear friend of the people of Israel is among the finest and most hopeful in our nation's history. Israel and America are in many respects reflections of one another, and I am happy America has such a great friend and ally.

Check out my new video on Israel, our ally:


Mitt Romney


These past three years have been the hardest on the middle class since the Great Depression. This election is about giving middle-class Americans a fair shot. On Day One, I will begin turning this economy around with a plan for a stronger middle class.

My plan for the middle class will deliver more jobs and more take-home pay by focusing on:

  • Energy independence: I will unleash our domestic energy resources and eliminate job-killing regulations, so we can finally get the energy we need at a price we can afford. Domestic energy production will bring over a million manufacturing jobs back to the United States. On Day One, I will approve the Keystone XL pipeline, and I will eliminate regulations destroying the coal industry.
  • Skills to succeed: I believe that a choice for every parent equals a chance for every child, so I will give every family access to great schools and quality teachers. And I will make sure our workers and children have the skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow by having access to job training programs and affordable and effective higher education options.
  • Trade that works for America: I will open new markets for American goods and services while stopping the unfair trade practices of countries like China who steal our jobs. I will work to strengthen free enterprise around the world.
  • Cutting the deficit: It's simple -- we need more jobs, less spending, and smaller government. My plan will immediately cut and cap federal spending, balance the budget, and root out bureaucratic inefficiencies. My plan also gives states responsibility for programs they can implement more effectively and efficiently.
  • Championing small business: Small businesses are being strangled by excessive government regulations and taxes -- I will make government the friend, not the enemy, of business. My plan reduces taxes on job creation through individual and corporate tax reform that's competitive and attractive for jobs to come back to America. Free enterprise is still the greatest force for upward mobility, economic security, and the expansion of the middle class -- and it is anchored by America's small businesses.

I am running for president because I know that my policies and vision will help strengthen the middle class, lift people from poverty, and create sustained economic prosperity. I want to help the middle class -- and I will. My comprehensive plan will create 12 million jobs and grow the economy by 4 percent per year on average.

Find out more about my plan for a stronger middle class here:


Mitt Romney

Romney Job Plan
Romney Pic
Rommey event Aug 8th